May 17

Why rescuing skills are important

They are important because you need to know how to save somebody from an inappropriate comment.  It will help you and everyone.

Some reasons that they are important is an inappropriate comment.  You can change the subject.  Another way to do it is to sort it out and stop the process of the inappropriate comment.


So if there is an inappropriate comment what would you do?

April 14

My mission statement means a whole lot to me.  It will guide me in my everyday life and might even help others.  I really think everybody should at least take some of my mission statement and put it into theirs.

My mission statement is live life to the fullest honoring and spreading the word of God.  This will help and put me on a mission every single day.  It will not only help me a better person but it will help others too.  It will guide me in my everyday life.  Mission Statements are awesome.

Make a Mission statement so you can be on a mission everyday to influence people everyday to do right.  Are you going to make a Mission Statement?

Mission Statement

March 2

Houston and Lamar

Houston was the first president of the republic of Texas.  While he was president they had a debt because of the revolution.  When Lamar was president,  he racked the debt up to 8.25 million.  Lamar was against everything Houston was for.  When Jones got president he made annexation to the us.

Tyler And Zach

February 26

Attitude is the key to success

Having  a good attitude in a bad time is a really good thing to have.  You will bring in many benefits and it won’t cost you anything.

The benefits to having a good attitude are not losing a job, not being a bad person, having people like you, and getting a good job.  Your life will be a whole lot easier and you can have a good relationship with people.

A good Attitude is the key to life and will lead you a very long way in life.  A positive attitude gives you power over your actions.

positive-attitude.jpg (258×300)

February 19

Controlling Thoughts

It is important to control your thoughts because thoughts go to attitude and attitude goes to actions.  You would think that your mind can’t control anything except it controls about everything.

Your mind is very powerful.  Somebody did a test on a piano.  Two people learned how to play.  The only difference between the is one did it physically and one did it mentally.  The outcome was that they did the same and excelled the same. So now that you know your mind is powerful, why do you think you need to control your mind?  The answer is that if you can not control your mind those thoughts will turn into attitude and your attitude will turn into actions.

Now you know that mind is very powerful.  It controls almost everything you do.  Control the mind control the actions.


February 9

An important lesson I learned is to do things right the first time.  If you don’t you will do a lot more for a lot less.  It will help you succeed.

It is important to do things the first time.  If you don’t do things right the first time you will do more of the work with little or no credit for doing it.  For example,  Say you make a bad grade on a test.  The highest you can remake is a 80.  If you did it right the first time you would of have little work with a 100.

Do things right the first time so you don’t have to do twice the work for half the credit.  This will make life easier.       preparesucceedsuccess


February 1


The gap is awesome. If you close it, ti will be good.

The things I value are loyal, responsible, trustworthy, church, and God. All these things help  me close the gap. It will help alot.

These things are awesome together it will make me a better person



January 27

How I want people to see me

WordItOut-word-cloud-1407217I want people to see me as kind, loyal, trustworthy, puts effort into something, positive, good attitude, friendly respectful, caring, reliable, and as a follower of Christ and the Catholic Religion.

I want to be seen like this because this is what people want.  It is nice and that is how someone wants to be treated.  It is the way a good leader should act and want to be seen.  They should want a good image.

Being a good leader is always a good thing.  In order to look good, you have to have some qualities and should want to be a leader.  This also makes people want to look up to you for advice.  That is the image every leader wants.leader



January 22

Personal Brand

A personal brand is something that you value.  How you stand.  What your personality is.  It is how you act.  It is there if you want it or not.

My personal brand is awesome.  I value in Football, Basketball, baseball, and guitar.  I stand for Jesus Christ and the Catholic Religion.  The things that are on my good side are caring, friendly, nice, and sharing.

A personal brand is something you have that shows how nice you are.  Also it can be your personality.WordItOut-word-cloud-1396393

January 5

New years eve fun

On new years eve we had a lot of fun. First we went to church and I got to serve, second we went to a friends house and ate, third we played football.

The football game was awesome.  We had a  6 on 6 game.  We got the ball first and we scored on a amazing catch. The ball hit the bottom of my hands and it got up and I caught the ball.  Then as we kicked it off we got an onside kick and I  recovered the ball. We beat them by a lot.

After we played football we played the game pie face.  It is a game where you click the pole and you put whipped cream on on it.  Put your face in there and if it goes you have whipped cream in your face.

Overall New years eve was very fun there was a lot of games and activities to have fun with.Football (HDR) Joe Halbach via Compfight